September 26, 2011

Wood grain & contrast

Some of you may know that I have been having the HARDEST  some difficulty with getting my living room the way I wanted. I scored these end tables at a yardsale for a great price and first, painted them white. I hated that the white clashed with all the different wood tones I had in my living room....

I really think that they are super cute like this...however...have you ever seen my tv stand? I love LURVE times infinity and I find it SO SO SO SO DIFFICULT to match... :( Sad panda.

So I thought, why don't I stain the top of the end tables to match the top of the tv stand? Or try to get end tables that match the stain all together? Tried both. Fail. Epic fail.
So what to do batman? I'd love to hear your input...because right now, I'm just fed up:( Sad panda, again. The color of the tv stands bottom is a greenish blue and distressed....loveee..but hate this dilemma I am in. I am a white person. I like white furniture, ask my husband. He says "I like white too much." Haha. I hope you all are having a fabulous night! And two posts in one night, shewwww get it girl! Goodnight everyone and have a great day tomorrow! :)

Did you think I forgot to include the new end tables? No... of course not:) Here ya go!

Not the best picture but you get the idea! I don't have my big ole' mac of a camera right now so only my point & shoot will have to do for the next months! :)
& PS.
Happy Fall Y'all <3
Love Always,
Mrs. Schmidheiser


  1. I think in this case, the end tables would of been better left white... I love the stain though now it just doesn't seem to coordinate, good luck girl!!!!

  2. Matching a stain can be such a pain. Maybe go back to all white but distress the tables so the distressed look matches? Good luck!

  3. you could bring in a new color to your home....nothing dramatic but something that maybe will bring out a color in your carpet/rug or an accent pillow that you have

  4. Perhaps you could stain the whole of the end tables the same color as the top of the stand.
    Also you could even add the same type of handles to the end table, if your able to find some that match.

  5. Sadly ladies...I've tried all of the above. I know some of you think they would look better white. They didn't, I promise. Haha. And I tried to bring in stained end tables and it felt too dark for my taste. I'll get it right one day but thanks for the input!

  6. I don't have any input, I just wanted you to know how much I love that you said "sad panda!!" Haha!! That is awesome!


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