January 2, 2013

DIY Easiest Burlap $5.00 wreath tutorial!

So, I don't know about y'all but I love me a pretty wreath. Twig wreath. Moss wreath. Burlap wreath. Monogram wreath. Hydrangea wreath. You get the picture right? I put wreaths everywhere. 

Exhibit A:

See the center piece around the mercury glass candle holder? That's a wreath. 

Exhibit B:

Our old front door wreath this past summer. Love me some hydrangeas. Love.

Exhibit C:
Christmas Tree garland wreath hanging on my curtain rods this past Christmas. This photo was from Instagram! (@Allyschmidheiser)

Exhibit D:
Paper wreath I made for just $1.00 out of a book from the dollar store.

Exhibit E:
Got this wreath below from Hobby Lobby and added it at one time to one of my old windows which by the way, there might be a few of these at my sale since I have so many people asking for them!

Exhibit F:
Another Instragram photo of a straw wreath I recently purchased from TJMaxx.

Do you see it? I have a problem. Ok, so here's the new wreath. I put it on a recently repainted mirror I just did that will be up for sale tonight as well! (I think.) I kinda want to keep it. Haha! Don't you hate that? I do that alllll the time. Le sigh.

Seriously like the easiest wreath ever. It would have cost me about $7.00 all together for the burlap & the wreath form but I already had both so I really didn't spend any money on this! The burlap ribbon is from Hobby Lobby and it is wired. I LURVE it for bows. The wreath form is a wire wreath form also from Hobby Lobby.

Burlap Ribbon
Wreath Form

Total cost: $FREE for me but $7.00 for you? Haha!
All you do is start on the OUTSIDE of the wreath form and literally go in and out of the FIRST line on the outside. This means looping in and out until you go all the way around. I recommend cutting your ribbon into 5-6ft pieces. There are four lines total on the wreath form and fill in all that you can by loop everywhere! Don't worry about it not "looking right" while you are doing it! It will look ALOT better towards the end!

After you have gone around the entire wreath form, go around and "fluff" each little poof so you have some body to the wreath and depth. You final product should look something like this!

A very simple but elegant burlap wreath. A monogram in a bright color on this wreath would be lovely! As would a pretty pink or red bow on it! It is hanging on the new mirror I recently painted. It'll be up in the shop on Facebook that you can find here! Here's a few other photos of the mirror by the way!

Gorgeous mirror and like SUPER DUPER heavy. It is repainted in a gorgeous gray blue. There are under tones of green and yellow for that hint of shabby chic. Lightly distressed all around with ornate decorative carved molding on the top of the mirror. All wood and sealed for cleaning! Perfect for that statement piece over a bed or the couch! VERY heavy so be prepared!

Thanks for listening y'all!


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