January 20, 2013

Easy Rosette Wreath Tutorial

Have you ever heard of the easiest Rosette Wreath Tutorial ever? You just found it here at Home by Ally. I saw a wreath similar to this one on Pinterest that you can find here. This particular wreath will be available at the repurpose sale {March 2nd} but will be hanging on one of my old windows for now :) Which by the way, if you follow me on Instagram {@Allyschmidheiser}, you may have seen that I have been picking up some old windows. I've sold a few here lately but will have a few available at the sale as well :-) And quite possibly ON sale. Most things at the sale will be discounted if they have previously been for sale. So, if there's something you've had your eye on, maybe you can get it!

Seriously, a few of these windows had me swooning. Especiall the large 9 pane one that came out of an old building. And the mint green ones up there to the right? Craftsman style, yummy.

Ok! So, about this easy rosette wreath thing! Here's what you'll need! Keep in mind you don't have to use burlap, you could use any fabric you have on hand! This project cost me absolutely nothing to make! Don't ya love those kinds of projects? I already had the wreath hanging on an old window a few months ago. But since we all know that nothing stays the same in this house, I had it sitting in my "decor closet" up stairs. Yes, I have a decor closet. Why don't you?

-Twig Wreath (Hobby Lobby)
Hot Glue Gun with extra sticks
-Fabric of your choosing

I didn't actually take any photos of myself doing this project but if you refer back to the video I did on the paper wreath tutorial, I showed you how to make a burlap rosette. But for some reason, I cannot find this video right now! So...my dears, I am terribly sorry if you do not know how to make a rosette. The most simple way I can tell you how to make one through *words* is to simply roll your fabric into a cinnamon roll. Yes, a cinnamon roll. Hold it tightly and hot glue the ends to the back and then to the wreath, Oh shucks, I know I'm absolutely no help! And I'm still looking for the video people!

Here's an up close and personal view of this FREE wreath for me! Simplicity at its best.

So, what do you guys think of this tutorial? Besides me being totally awesome and NOT finding the video to help y'all out.... how do you like this wreath? Are you going to make it? Don't forget to *LIKE* Home by Ally on Facebook by clicking here. There will be a pretty sweet giveaway this week if I do say so myself so stay tuned!



  1. So darn cute! This is a great wreath for any time of year. Especially after the holidays between winter and spring. Here in WA its blustery and cold in January. I also love that chair!

    p.s. I added you on my blogs to follow at Pinterest and the Pauper. You have great stuff! One day I hope you let me feature one of your crafts. :)

  2. This is great, I have 2 wreaths like this one that I just spray painted white, I think the burlap would look great with them. I'm definately going to try it. Thanks for all your postings, I enjoy watching what your in to!


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