January 21, 2013

Guest Bathroom Refresh: Before & After

Hey y'all! This past weekend I was super productive and went through all of our closets, drawers, storage totes, etc. and organized! I feel so much better after, don't y'all when you organize your things? With the new year, I wanted a clean house. And I don't mean straightened up for company coming over clean. I mean, wipe all base boards down, all ceiling fans down, vacuum every nook and cranny... etc. So that is exactly what I did!

 I have been desperately wanting to get every room done in our home since we moved in just over 5 months ago... but I am slowly (snail speed guys) trying to focus on ONE room at a time. Just one! You heard that right! And what better way to start than the smallest room of the house besides the closets, the guest bathroom. Our guest bathroom is off of the upstairs hallway. You walk up our stairs and round the corner and it is to your immediate right. Since we had company so quickly after our move, I found the most decent shower curtain I could find at Target one night and threw it in there with some towels I happen to have that "sorta" matched. Here's a before for y'all.

Hello! That's me in the mirror! 

Ok, so boring and no life. The shower curtain was pretty but not what I would usually choose. Maroons, golds, chocolate browns and beige. I'll be selling this one as well considering it's practical brand new, was only hung for looks ;-) Are y'all ready for the repurpose sale yet? I am still working on pieces and getting new pieces in every other day! It's never ending!

But...we're not here to talk about that ;-) Let me show you a few in between photos. Below is a photo of my inspiration. I found the shower curtain in TjMaxx here. It caught my eye because it was so fresh looking! And not my usually WHITE or BEIGE. I usually NEVER decorate with pink, weird right? But I especially love the bright green and the pink in this shower curtain! I snatched up a few Nautica Towels to try with it and headed on my way.

Here is a tip for y'all that I found so long ago and it is my saving grace when it comes to hanging ANYTHING now! Painters tape! Measure the hangers on the back of any object you are hanging by cutting the painters tape to that size. Put it on the wall, make sure it looks even and put your nails on both sides. Now, hang your decor! Perfecto! Oh, don't forget to take the tape off too ;-)

Alrighty! So are y'all ready for the refreshed guest bath? I still have a few minor tweaks for this bathroom but for now, I am definitely enjoying it a lot more! Please enjoy!

Remember the...


And now enjoy the...

Below you will see that I moved the "You can make plans but the Lord's purpose will prevail quote." up here from the living room. I love this quote and it's such an important daily reminder. I also added an outlet wax warmer from Walmart with some yummy vanilla wax melting in it. I wish y'all could smell it, so good! A blue antique mason sits in-between each sink with fake yellow hydrangeas in it. Hopefully I'll have some real hydrangeas this summer to put in it :)

I am seriously in love with this print. I keep walking by and turning the light on just to look. It is just so refreshing, happy and bright. And color. Oh color. 

A better view of the shower curtain below. Little birds, twigs and beautiful flowers in greys, hot and light pinks, lime green and darker sage green... equals yummy!

I already know that I will be getting new towels for all of this but I used what I had in the linen closet just for the photos. It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful! I really wanna add some green in those towels! I'll keep y'all updated!

The mirror below is from Hobby Lobby. I used chrome shower curtain hooks I already had. The mirror is directly across from the towel bar. I want to add something above the towel bar too, maybe a quote sign or little iron decor. We will see... things are never done around here!

If you loved my new updated and refreshed bathroom, feel free to "Pin it" on Pinterest. You can follow me on Pinterest by clicking here and clicking "Follow All." An easy way that I am working on is to simply click "Pin it" below. Pick any photo you like but I created one especially for you below the "pin it" button! Enjoy and thanks for listening! 

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  1. Good job Ally, the bathroom looks ready for spring. Congrats on your organization project too. . . its such an awesome feeling to get all the clutter out of our lives. . . I just wanted to expand on your picture hanging tip. . . after you have the tape torn to the size {doesn't even have to be exact} use a pen/pencil and make a hole where the nail will be, then when you put the tape on the wall your nail holes are there too. Either pound in the nails or if you're using screws drill them in before you take the tape off. . . I love using tape. I have plaster walls and it really sucks if I get it crooked. PS I have a décor room, (your last post) its a spare room that's on my list to clean out and decorate, but then I'll have to find a place for my décor. . . Have a good evening. . . Debi

  2. What a difference that shower curtain makes! It really livens up the space! I'm not normally a pink girl but I am loving that shower curtain, Ally! The space looks amazing!

  3. I am not a pink girl either, but love that shower curtain!! Thanks for the tutorial on the picture hanging. I am so bad about just eyeballing and then having to redo....I even have the tape now, bought for another project and now something else to use it for. :) Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Great idea about how easy to refresh bathroom design, I like it, especially I like a round mirror with a big frame, its look so nice, and reminds me a little of the design private jet bathroom, round mirrors are often used there, it always adds sophistication to the design.

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