April 29, 2014

New dining room table & some planning

This morning I woke up really earlier because I planned to take some photos of the dining room. Thank goodness the lighting was beautiful and I get to show y'all my new dining room table! If you have been following, you can read a post I wrote about what I wanted in a dining room table here. I happened to get very lucky one night while cruising through Craigslist and saw something with not so great photos but at a wonderful price that looked like something I might like. My hopes were not set very high however because how many times do things on Craigslist really look like what the picture says… well sometimes. But I just didn't have my hopes up…  but man, when the guy brought this huge hunk of love out, I had to contain my excitement. It was THE table.

Originally, I was thinking the base was much thinner and not so prominent but I am SO thrilled that it is chunky and amazing! I am in love and cannot stop staring at it. The same day that I scored this table, I stumbled upon a mutual friends yardsale and found the couch I've been eyeing at Ikea that matches the one in our sunroom…for another steal of a deal! That post is coming! It was seriously my lucky day y'all. And I was feeling on top of the world. I mean, this table. Is. Like. Over. $1,000. Dollars. I love me some Ballard but I have not even begun to prepare myself to pay that kind of money for a table. Not when you're thrifty and try to save/diy/buy clearance for everything.

Is he marvelous? I shouldn't say he. Because it's definitely a she. She has beautiful curves and a gorgeous color. And we did upgrade from a 48" table to a 52" which can more comfortable accommodate dinner guests and lets more chairs come to the table if necessary.

IF you remember, here's our dining room before with our old table. I never really took an up close photo of it because I planned to paint it or do something but I did like the lines of it. The price wasn't bad either so we worked with what we had at the time… It had a much smaller, petite base with drawers on the top part. That was perfect for storage of linens and game pieces… :)

Here's a view of the after standing in the front living area. If you noticed, I took the rug out. It needs to be cleaned from our dogs and some little puppy I know had an accident so I professionally cleaned it and I'm now looking to paint some interesting stripes on it. If that doesn't work, I'm going to order a new round jute rug that hints at the one in the sunroom. I love the texture of that one.

There's a few more things to do in here. I used to set the dining room table but found that the dishes gathered dust and we never really used the formal set as much as people/I would have thought so I have them back in the cabinets. For now, a small antique dough bowl sits in the middle. It's usually full of bright green Granny Smith Apples which are my favorite but I haven't made the grocery run yet. I know, shame on me. I'm not sure if I like/dislike the boxwood wreath hanging on the sunroom windows. But I'm letting it stay for awhile to see. I did order those antique reproduction herb crates by the refrigerator. I had been eyeing them for some time and finally ordered them off of Antique Farmhouse. I love their website and am a frequent customer, even just to browse their amazing items. I would love to team up with them one day to bring an amazing giveaway for y'all.

I am still loving the lantern chandelier. I grabbed the pillows from the sunroom and tried them on the chairs and I am thinking about ordered 4 more of them for each dining room chair. I love the stripes and texture that it brings to the table. I still would like to find something interesting to put a top of the old cupboard I have there. Right now, a plain jute bowl with hydrangeas sits…but I'd like some type of conversation piece sooner than later. 

Here's an up close and personal view. Isn't she lovely? Whistle!

I just adore this table and I am thanking the big man upstairs so much for blessing me with such a wonderful day and great friends, shout out to Lucky Day who helped me in getting my new sofa and this table! If you haven't met Dawn, you're missing out. Wonderful woman who I adore!

And I'm surprised I didn't post on Facebook but I attended Florida's Fancy Flea in Plant City, FL. I found a few things, one of which is this cute and darling little ice cream table that now sits in my sunroom. I love the lines and wanted something a little different than the other antique table. That other antique table will be headed to the shop soon after I paint her…AGAIN!

I love the rustic wood top and iron black legs. Swoon worth if I don't say so myself! I love these lamps….and have had them for some time but I am wondering if I want to look for something alittle more interesting. I'll keep my eye peeled! Until then…

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  1. Hi Ally, found you on Instragram (I think,lol) love this dining room. I follow you now!!! I am just in the process of giving our Dining room a make-over and just purchased some slipcovers from Worldmarket, simular to yours but more cream colored not white. Pinned this for dining room inspiration! Thanks Christine from Little Brags http://littlebrags.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Christine for coming by! I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to take a look at your blog!

  2. That table is perfection!!!! She seriously looks amazing in your home :) Love, love, love!

  3. One of the awesome information about the New dining room table & some planning.You really did agreat job by posting it.Thanks


  4. I've had you pinned on my boards with your 10 great tips post, but barely got the chance to really search your blog and facebook page. Love them! Newest follower ;)

  5. Hi Ally,
    Your table looks fabulous. Love your dining room.

  6. Hi! Saw a pic of your dining room on Instagram and was curious what your wall color is? So warm and homey!!! Thanks!


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