April 12, 2014

A new couch & a yardsale chair

I woke up this morning ready to find some great things for our store. And I didn't find a darn thing for the store. But I did find a nice, super cute, low profile… leather chair that is worn and lovely. With cute little queen anne feet and a nice little body. I was totally excited about that because I've envisioned something like it for our sunroom for some time now. I still can't decide if I like these feet or if I should order new chunky ones to make this chair feel a little more masculine. What's your take?

I figured I'd snap a few photos this evening because the lighting was gorgeous in the sunroom and show you a little more of our new couch and this new yard sale chair and also share with you some plans that I have for the space… I love the light in the photo below. Gorgeous evening.

It is very rustic… not brand new looking but not torn and rough. Just looks worn and sat in a lot which I like. Leather does look better with age, after all. I plan to find some cute pillows for my new couch as well as a small one for this chair. The antique table near this chair got painted matte black and I'm not sure if I am loving it but I am letting it sit to see if I like it or not. I just draped a throw across this chair for the time being and I really need to work on the table top decor of that table but for now, pictures of us and a boxwood will do. I love those lamps still though.

A few scratches and imperfections which all add rather than detract to the character and age of this chair. It is not an antique or probably even old at all but I still am loving it! See what I mean about the feet? I'm thinking something chunky but with a nod to an antique style.

Here's a better shot of that corner. Soon, I plan to add window molding to make above the windows chunkier and create a larger impact when walking into this room. For now, this chair adds just the right amount of contrast to this neutral and cozy room.

Here's a peek to the left of the room where the tv sits. Above the tv is an old rope bed that was already past gone so I cut off the headboard and plan to use it as a pediment for wall decor. I want to add either a bible scripture or a quote to it. I'm still unsure if I love that there as well. I added the chunky frames to either side of the tv and again, still not sure if I like those either. I moved our antique window frames into the master that I am currently trying to get done so I can reveal to y'all! Maybe I'll look for more window frames for either side but I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for them like usual.

Also in that corner, I purchased a large peace lily plant for some greenery color. I love the depth and color that plants add, including my favorite boxwoods. 

Oh! And here's the peek at new couch. It's the Ektorp from Ikea that I have been eyeing for awhile forever! You can find it here. We opted to have the chaise in this sofa because my husband liked that option. We went with a new light beige cover called Tygelsjö beige that they just came out with. I really like the look of white but this soft beige seems more cozy to me. I am still on the hunt for throw pillows, a nice luxurious throw for the couch as well as an area rug. I am still leaning towards a nice jute rug but am hunting around for the best deal of course. And in case you were wondering, I am still loving the tv stand. I still would like to also get baskets for inside the doors of the tv stand.

And another peek to the right. The accessories and window moldings will really make this room pop! I am attending Fancy Flea in a few weeks with my partner in crime (Lucky Day Design Co.) so I am hoping to find a lot of great stuff for our house as well as for our shop!

I have a weakness for these pulls and lots of drawers. Oh, you too?

View from our near the leather chair. I am also on the hunt for a french door or older door to use for our sunroom out to our back patio. Oh, the searches… they never end!

Oh! And finally! If you follow on Facebook (here) you saw that I got new headshots for the blog and for my new real estate venture! Here's a few of my favorites below! I am always happy to hear from y'all so let me know what you think of everything and what you have found lately for your spaces!

Talk to y'all soon! XO


  1. Love it! I agree about the feet. It looks great, great progress!

  2. I LOVE the new chair--you get a maybe from me on new feet. By the last photo of it I was undecided--they started to grow on me--what a good buy! Your headshots came out great!

  3. I love the chair. I like the feet just the way they are.If you have Rooms To Go furniture store by you,they will give you free leather condtioner.It works great! Your headshots are beautiful!

  4. Where did you get your gorgeous white TV stand? Love it!!!

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  8. Do you know the wall color in this room by chance? I am torn on white vs. beige, as our room is Benjamin Moore Antique White, and I don't want the beige sofa to clash but don't want the white surface to look dirty! Help! Thank you! =)

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