April 14, 2014

DIY Industrial Wire baskets

Like I shared in my last post that you can find here, I told you I was on the hunt for a few things for our sunroom amongst other rooms that we are working on as well. One of those things was baskets for inside of our tv stand. Initially, I thought that I wanted a nice warm and woven basket but found these babies today at TjMaxx. Although they were cute in their school bus yellow color, it doesn't fit into my decor. The best part about these baskets? They were $9.99 each, have a linen inside cover that is removable and washable and everything was marked down an extra 20% at one of our TjMaxx's since it was moving locations! Making them a whopping $8.00 each? Why yes, I'll take two.

Here's the tv stand before I got them. Nothing special. I actually just filled it with crap that was laying around so it didn't look like we just moved in. I know, brilliant. 

Insert my $1.00 can of black spray paint from Lowes and I knew these babies could be even more fabulous but more importantly, my style. I've had a few of these baskets before in our previous houses and ended up putting them for sale at our sales that we do… I still love the look though! So, the point of my post is basically to consider can you do anything to any item to make it more you and your style? This was a great example for me, I really didn't care for the yellow but for the price and knowing that I had spray paint at home… can't beat it!

I tried to remember to take photos of the process…. kinda looks like Pittsburgh Steeler colors. My daddy would be happy about me saying that on here. This probably took me about 5 minutes to do both baskets. I used wood that is not seen in the photos to prop them up off the ground. And I should have put something down so I didn't spray my grass but I get excited and get ahead of myself a lot!

But I did show you the wood scraps I used to prop them up to dry on our back patio. I didn't worry about hitting the bottoms too much because I knew the inside linen covers would cover it just fine. I allowed them to dry for a few hours and then brought them back inside!

Here's how they look now… Black. I love the linen covers against the black. I'm thinking I'll look for a vintage cast iron plate to put on the front of each to add some interest. Right now, these hold doggie toys and harnesses… leashes, shirts, etc. 

And here's a photo from a far. I hate cords. Have I mentioned the before? I will be doing something about that soon… so stay tuned! I'm also thinking of switching things up around the tv… or as my husband would chime in… "We could just get a bigger tv." So man-ish of him. The boxwoods moved right after I took this photo. As did a few other things in the sunroom so that's another thing to look out for soon! I am hoping to find some great stuff at Fancy Flea when that comes later this month!

While they were having this fabulous 20% everything sale, I picked up some dishes, a few shirts, some new dog toys and this beautiful throw that I've been eyeing for some time now! I love how thick it is.
 And I found the perfect place for it on my new leather yardsale chair!

Remember when decorating to think outside of the box. And to not let even the small things pass by if you can do something with them. Get those creative juices flowing and enjoy it!


  1. I love it! Great thinking! And they look great too. Can't wait to see what else you do!

  2. Looks great! I wish I could've shopped with you! Next stop--Fancy Flea!

  3. Love it! Where did you purchase your tv stand?

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