October 5, 2012

Dirt Cake Recipe

Tonight, I wanted to share with you a recipe that is my easy go to dessert when we go to certain parties, events, etc. It is by far one of the most simple recipes I've ever had to put together and make! You can do it too! It is called dirt cake! Some people also make this with gummy worms stuck in it for a creepy effect for the kiddos! It would be fun considering how close that Halloweenie is!

Above: Here's what you'll need. 
1 ZipLock Bag
1 Pack of Oreos (Regular kind)
1 Vanilla Pudding box (Smaller box)
1 Cool Whip (Regular size, mine is sugar free but you can buy the regular one!)
You will also need mixing utensils and a bowl but I forgot to take a picture of those!

First things first! I use my handy dandy KitchenAid which I ADORE... to mix my pudding. This is your first step. The pudding directions are easy as well. Empty the contents of the pudding box into a bowl. Add 2 cups of milk. Wisk until not clumpy. ;-)

Next, you are going to add the FULL bowl of Cool Whip to your bowl of pudding. Mix well until you get a smooth consistency.

You will use your Ziplock Bag next. Get your oreos out and start taking apart each Oreo carefully trying to not break the actually Oreo. You will take the cream off each oreo and throw it away. Or feed it to your kids or dogs or husband. Or yourself.

I used about a row and a half of oreos and put the remainder of the Oreo's in my bag as shown on my floor in the kitchen. This is the funny part. You will need to crush up the Oreo's to make the "dirt" part of the cake. The easiest way in my opinion to do this is to step on the bag multiple times until the Oreo's are crushed. MAKE SURE your bag is air tight and has no excess air still remaining or you will pop your bag! :-) Not that I have done that or anything. Yes, Winston has creme on his back. It's not my fault he can't catch. :-)

Here are my crushed Oreo's. In your pan that you will be putting your dirt cake in, put a thin layer of the oreo crumbles on the bottom as shown below in the first picture. Next, add your pudding & cool whip mixture on top of that. Repeat the dirt on top. It doesn't have to cover everything. You can add cool gummie worms or bears to this too for some added treats!

 Remember to place for fridge for at least 4 hours for chilling time then it's ready to eat! And be careful because it is addicting! :-) Enjoy! And let me know if y'all make this!


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