October 15, 2012

HOW TO: Leaf Wreath with Rosette Accents

Second post in one night! Hot dog!

Literally! Hot dog. Look at this cute door mat I made myself. I used an Ikea plain rug that you can find here! and some black paint that I had on hand. I printed out a silhouette of a doxie and free handed it! I'm pretty pleased with it and loved how it turned out! Now, I will never buy another :) I'll just make my own. Only cost me $10.00 for the rug! 

Ok! So now for the real reason for the 2nd post of the night! I made another wreath :) I'm a little obsessed with the whole paper wreath thing that I'm making quite a few things in the coming nights and you'll probably get to hear about all of them :) Aren't you lucky :)

Here's what you'll need! Same as the other night basically when I gave you a tutorial on how to make a simple paper wreath. You can find that blogpost here!

-Dollar Tree Book (Or one from your home for free!)
-Burlap (Optional)
-Hot Glue gun with extra sticks
-Dollar Tree Wreath

Total cost for me in this project... was you guessed it, FREE! I love free.

First step is to cut your leaves out of the book. Simply fold the page in half from the top of the page to touch the bottom of the page with the fold in the middle. Even fold it over again after the first fold and cut a leaf shape out. I am OBSESSED with these paper leaves and I am making a leaf banner currently :) Your first layer will be on your wreath! Keep adding as many desired layers as you like for depth.

See all my layers? LOVING it so far.

Ok! Now for the rosettes, sorry for the crap pictures... it's past 11pm here but we all know I'm a night owl and get my energy at night! Too bad for hubby :( Ok,  anyways! So you first want to have a generous amount of burlap! At one end of the burlap ( I had about 2-3ft of it) I folded the top and bottom of the end together and hot glued it to make a two layered end piece. Make sense? Then, I started twirling or wrapping or twisting the burlap and going around this end piece to make sort of a donut shape, make sense still? And after twisting for about 3 times around, I ended up with this :)

I hot glued my rosette accents on for some contrast to the leaf wreath and there ya have it! My $1.00 paper wreath leaf! The only thing I really had to buy was the book and so far, it's been used for THREE different projects score! Best $1.00 I ever spent :)

I am LOVING the contrast of this over my iron gate. I had a plan wood wreath on there and now I turn my nose up to it compared to this :)

I love the coziness a lamp gives off. And now this little entryway of ours looks adorable :)

What do you think of my $1.00 leaf wreath? Would you have done anything different? Are you going to try to make your own? Let me know what you think y'all by leaving a comment below! :)



  1. LOVE it girl! The white paper with the burlap is so sweet and pretty :) Great job!

  2. Gonna make it! Too cute! Gotta have one!

  3. where do you purchase your burlap from? i got some from walmart but it is thicker than the kind you are using. thanks.

  4. Thanks y'all! I got my burlap from Hobby Lobby :)


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