December 30, 2012

FAQ: Dining Room Table

People ask a lot of questions and I do too. So I decided that I might start a little FAQ day on the blog! Today, one of the questions I am answering... I have been getting asked since I blogged our new farmhouse table here! I didn't really think much of it when people would ask but now since I have had an over abundance of people asking, I will finally share! SO.... a lot of you have guessed that it was Ballard Designs, Pottery Barn, Ethan Allen, etc. So let me show you a few photos & sources first.

Ballard Designs has this Vendome Double Pedestal Table that looks very similar to ours that you can find by clicking here. But sad and happy to say, it was not Ballard Designs either.

Pottery Barn also has a similar design that is gorgeous! I can't seem to find a picture on Pinterest or their website. Bummer. But it wasn't Pottery Barn anyways.f

I found this one at Ethan Allen also.  Here is a photo for reference and you can find this table on Ethan Allen's website by clicking here. Nope, not Ethan Allen either. 

So you ask...still...where is it from? Let's look back on a few pictures.... here is the table set for Christmas this year in golds, baby blues and naturals.

I wasn't originally planning on selling my old farmhouse table. Here's what our old, custom built, rustic table looked like. Ryan LOVED it because it was so rustic but I kept feeling like it was missing something. Before I found the new one, we had decided we were going to add some wood to the bottom and connect each set of legs with a piece of wood on each end to give it some interest on the bottom... but then...

I walked into the store with my inlaws and spotted mine. Tucked away in a corner almost hidden! I pulled that whole table with the chairs right out and just stood there with my jaw to the floor. My mother in law kept saying that I should ask Ryan but I knew I HAD to have her. I bought her on the spot before I even sold the other one! Luckily, it sold the same day.

Our new table has a planked top with a hidden leaf underneath that I have pulled out in photos. The curved legs on the bench and chairs give it the right feminine touch while the finish is rustic. I am SO happy that I took a chance & brought it home. Did I mention it was the LAST one that Sams had? 

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  3. Looks vey cute) I wish I had such a big house to have a dining room big enough for such a dinner table. I have one small table for two persons in my flat, and it still takes too many place in my tiny kitchen. But why I'm complaining, I do still use the discounts by to save some money!


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