September 21, 2012

HOW TO: Do a simple updo.

Hi again y'all!

So... this blog post is actually a HOW TO: tutorial on how to get your hair to do THIS. It's a cute little bun that you can wear everyday or dress it up with formal wear or business attire. I have a little bit longer than shoulder length hair so I would recommend if you want to do this to put your hair in a simple bun before you try to tuck it away. Maybe I'll make another video once my hair gets longer! Just my disclosure about it! 

 I do this hairstyle alot and have to play around with it to make it nice and smooth... but I LOVE and adore my the blonde on top and light brown on bottom. Just love the contrast...sorry if you don't, lol.

Here's the front view. I usually do this hairstyle when I'm wearing a really nice blouse, etc. And I usually pull a few strands on hair down not the sides to make it a not so formal look but more of an effortless look. This was taken in my friend's home in I miss you Heidi!

Ok! So... don't judge. I did this video really quick yesterday and didn't edit it or play around with it... Also! I usually tease the back part of my hair to give it a little "bump" in the back. I think it gives it a more sophisticated look...but I didn't really show you that in this video.

Would you like to see more how to's on the blog involving beauty, furniture, makeup, etc?
Thank you for listening and be sure to let me know what you think!



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