September 9, 2012

Kitchen & Dining Tour

Hey y'all!

I've been getting quite a few emails and messages about putting pictures up of my house...but it isn't finished! I'm really enjoying the process of getting it together but sometimes I wish it was just DONE. We all know the house WILL NEVER be done I'll get there soon.

I took a few more pictures of our living and dining room just to show y'all some updates. There's a few things I plan to do still and I'll be sure to explain them in my post!

If you have been following me, you know I just got our new barstools a few weeks ago and I am loving them! They are from Ikea. I moved some furniture around so you now see the light sand color buffet in here. I like it so

Here's the view from the powder room. The corner hutch on the left has been passed down from my grandmother to my mama and from my mama to me. My late grandfather made it, I think she said. When I received it, it was black which was pretty but obviously not my style. I painted it Antique White from Valspar and when over it with "Walnut" stain from Minwax to get that beige glazed look. I love how coastal it is now and I just can't stop appreciating it ;-)

I just realized I didn't have the glass knob back in the corner hutch. You probably didn't notice either until I pointed it out. OH well. Haha! Oh! My curtains are 95" panels in Farrah Cream from Target. They are a good cross between a linen fabric and a thicker fabric to kinda block out the heat but still let the sun in! Love them too! Especially the price at $16.99 a panel!

I had someone ask me where I got my curtain rods. They are 8 foot long Allen & Roth White wood Curtain Rods from Lowes. They are SUPER heavy and will last me forever! I love them! You have to purchase the ends and brackets separately but it's totally worth it. If you have big windows like us, it's a really nice investment. The candle vases are from Ross for under $10 each I think? And I got the candles inside of the vases from Ikea. A 3-pack for like $4.99 which is CHEAP. The runner is a burlap style and I just got it from Homegoods. I'm still thinking of ordering a custom made one that is longer with ruffles on the ends.

This is the old door I got from a lady in North Dakota. She got it out of an old ND Farmhouse. She is also the one that I got the huge window that is on my sand color sideboard. It's HUGE at 9 glass panes and it has that textured glass from back in the old days. I love it. That left curtain panel is bugging me.

Here's a close view of the side board. The "S" if from Hobby Lobby. I just slipped it into the ribbon as shown and I think it adds a great layered effect. The little plants are from Ikea. They are actually fake. 

This is the other side of the dining room where there is just enough space for a little desk area. This desk isn't black. It's actually a really deep stain but I think I'm going to do a white wash over it to lighten it up some. We all know how much I love white!

Well that's the little sneak peek for now! I have a load more things in the works for our home... and I'll be sure to do an official home tour. I'm sure that will coming in the coming weeks. Be sure to let me know what you think!



  1. Your design is really adorable Ally! I have the same house (practically - also in South :) ) and it's great to see how different and beautiful the space can be!

  2. Thank you! It's a work in progress but I am enjoying thoroughly! Thank you for stopping by! XOXO


  3. Love.....Love.....Love it!!!! Like I've said before: you should've decorated my house before you left ND. lol

  4. You're always so sweet! It's a work in progress like I said :P

  5. Just love everything you do! :) I've been trying to find an old door or window just like that! Where did you happen to find them? Is there a salvage yard here in Minot that you know of?

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