September 20, 2011

How to: Accessorize

Do you ever wonder what you should put in that pretty crystal vase? Or you need a center peice for your table? Or maybe something on your bar or your coffee table! Think outside of the box! I love LURVE color! So here's a few of my "pops" of color in my kitchen! I use fake fruit to do this! These fake lemons sit on top of my potato cabinet! And I have green apples in a jar on the countertop! Both colors are in my curtains that hang over the sink so they tie in well!

Remember to think outside the box! In these mason jars & vase, I have rice..fake diamond accents & I did have cotton balls in the back but I just took them out :P

I absolutely LOVE height on a table! And I can't wait till Christmas so I can really deck out my house! But right now, I love the electic simplicity of this centerpeice! The bottle is from Germany and from a friend and the branches I got from Target on sale! Perfect!

So, here's what I've been working on all night and am currently working on. These old windows and prying some glass out of a few of them. Just for future reference! Don't try this at home unless you're wearing protect gloves and eye wear. Me, I'm too cool for that! Or I'm too lazy to drive to the store.

Isn't this cute!? I'm thinking of putting two above the couch or I might just leave this one...I don't know yet! But I can't wait until Christmas so I can put a beautiful wreath over this! Have I mentioned how ready I am for Christmas because I am totally ready. Like for real.

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