Learning to breathe...

Do you ever get sick of your stuff and wish money grew on trees in your front yard so you could go buy all new stuff? Yeah, me too. My living room is yet to be where I would like for it to be but I have found a temporary solution to help me feel better about my space.


I take every accessorie out first and stack it all on my bar. Then, I move all the furniture out. And I just breathe for a second and kinda take in my space....

Here are some pictures...

And here is little Winston... always keeping me company.

Also! I'm planning on having my re-purpose sale this Friday..here's a sneak peek of a chair that I just got finished with! She'll be at the sale.

I'm trying to love our home and most importantly...love the process... I know it's hard but remember we all go through it. "Rome was not built in a day," as my mother would say. XOXO.

Love always,
Mrs. Schmidheiser


  1. I think we all need that reminder somedays :) Love that chair- and I promise I'll be writing up a post soon, I haven't forgotten!! Hope you have a great week!


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