September 24, 2011

Project for me, myself and I.

I've been wanting to work on our master since we  moved in but really our upstairs has been put on the back burner "to do" list because not many people see it! If I had our house my way in my would be a shabby chic meets cozy beach cottage with lots of neutrals! I am a clean and crisp decorator! I like color but color in accessories not on walls or big peices;)

So, I took a couple pictures of our master bedroom right now. Talk about boring right? We've had our furniture set for a couple of years and it's been through 3 it has some dings and scratches to say the least. It needs a face lift. The quilt on our bed is actually reversed and has a print on the other side but being how I am, I like the plain jane side better. A master should definitely feel like a retreat and ours is far from it! Can you see the windows mistreatments treatments? Those are definitely sheets. I don't want to buy curtains because I'm too lazy to go to the linen closet and put up actual curtains before I know what we're doing with our room... I'm thinking of having my redo sale for a 2nd time next weekend since I had such a great turnout last time! I am looking forward to it but not pushing to finish all this furniture in just one week! I hope you guys are excited :P

So, I'm going to keep this as a surprise for you guys and myself! But I am going to maybe start on our master. What do y'all think I'm going to end up doing?

Here's my puppies saying we hate our mom for making us do this hi to the camera!

Love Always,
Mrs. Schmidheiser


  1. Mrs. Schmidheiser...

    You are very motivated and creative ~ best of luck to you with the master bedroom! As a dog and cat lover, the photo of your furry faced children put a smile on my face....they are adorable!


    Lisa Slavick
    Hampton, VA (military wife / retired USN)

  2. Hey Lisa!

    Thank you! I love my fur babies, they are my whole world! :)

  3. I love your hardwood floors!! I'm a little green with envy. Someday. Can't wait to see your vamped up mastersuit!!


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