September 11, 2011

Mrs. Schmidheiser's first giveaway!

Hi everyone!

Ready for the details? How about now? Now?
Ok, ok! Geez, no need to get an attitude or cry or be a

This lovely little earring holder has been made by yours truly. This is a replica picture and the one that will be given away looks amazingly similar just slightly more distressed and worn:)

Ready to hear how you can win this super cute earring holder?


1. You can *LIKE* Mrs. Schmidheiser blog (HERE).
2. Refer *20* people to *LIKE* Mrs. Schmidheiser Blog on Facebook.
 They must leave a comment on my FB page saying who sent them! Once you have had 20 people refer you, you will be entered to win!
3. Another way to gain an entry would be to *LINK* Mrs. Schmidheiser Blog on your fb page and do a shout out to this giveaway! Leave a comment on Mrs. Schmidheser Blog saying you did so!
4. We must hit 300 likes by Saturday!

Simply enough, right? Let's hope so.

Guess what!? It starts tonight and will end on Saturday, September 17th at 9pm central time.
You better call your friend now and tell her all about this;)


  1. Hello ! I linked your blog to my fb page. You have some really amazing pieces you have done ! Great work :)

  2. Hi! I can't see your link on the page, what's your full name so I can add you:)

  3. Melissa pross.....I might have to add you as a friend so you can see my fb page.

  4. That's probably why because I don't see a link anywhere! Please do that:)


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